Here we go

I have been hearing Chinese people saying “western media don’t understand China” for years, and I think it is partly true. I remember reading an online translated article which was originally published in Newsweek, presenting that American press sometimes lack the basic knowledge of what Chinese people are concerning about. Then I thought it would be great if I can find a place to talk about big things happening in China, which may potentially change Chinese political or social form, yet US media has not covered in detail.

The good thing about being an international student is, I guess, that you can use both languages, learn both cultures, and get access to both news media.

So I decided to open this blog, focusing on posting noteworthy news which are highly concerned in China but missed by the American press, to give readers a basic sense of what is going on in China. I will, additionally, discuss about how mainstream media such as Reuters, CNN, The Huffington Post and The New York Times are reporting Chinese breaking news in different angles from Xinhua, China Daily, and other news media in China.

Please stay tuned!


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