My blog sources

In this blog I will link to both Chinese and U.S. news sites as my sources. So here are several sites which I often check. I would, as well, occasionally link to news pieces from local/small newspaper that are not as famous as the ones below, but sometimes tell stories more clearly and in detail.

Xinhua and China Daily, with their own English versions, are two of the major official Chinese news websites which are mostly supervised by the government. They may only cover news that the Communist Party of China approved, however, if you wonder what are the big news that Chinese government wants the other countries to know about, these two are where to go.

Fenghuang, started in Hongkong and then moved its main office to mainland China, is a news site that many Chinese netizens trust, and is believed to be telling the truth.

There is always the saying that if you want to get real news, you’d better read newspapers which are published far from Beijing, where the government and censorship are. So I guess Nandu is the one. It is the biggest news corporation in Southern China trying its best to publish news against censorship.

Sometimes in China, reading newspaper is not the best way to get to know what is going on in the country. Sina Weibo, instead of traditional news websites, owns the largest population of Chinese netizen Рaround 400 million, according to an article published earlier this month. On this microblog platform, people are posting and discussing the latest news which might have not been covered by traditional news media. Some say it is a Chinese version of Twitter, however, the one under control. Chinese netizen, though, seem to be used to having their sensitive or controversial posts deleted by system administrator Рthey just keep reposting till the news become big enough.

Sina Weibo - Typical pop-up window that inform you that your post cannot go public due to censorship.

Sina Weibo – Typical pop-up window to inform you that your post cannot go public due to censorship.

The Huffington Post, Reuters and CNN are western media that I think are reliable sources to use, and it might be interesting to compare them with Chinese news sites to see how they choose and cover the news differently.

Photo (cc) by Isaac Mao via Flickr. Some rights reserved.


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