Who’s tweeting about China?

This week I decided to go back to Twitter and followed a list of interesting/thoughtful Twitter feeds to get a sense of what is going on in China.

There are, actually, tons of Twitter accounts – either official or personal – talking about China. However, very few of them are contributed by Chinese citizens, for China has been blocking Twitter since 2008, right after the Tibet unrest. Instead, most of the feeds are launched in US or UK.

Ministry of Tofu translates Chinese news articles and public opinions into English, reporting what Chinese netizens discussing about current events.

Mike Forsythe, reporter for Bloomberg in Beijing and co-author of China’s Superbank, gives a focus on economic news. As well he tweets a lot about updates on daily news in Beijing.

The Relevant Organs focuses more on politics and international affairs. It is very critical and satirical, which we can easily tell from its name – “relevant organs” is a phrase often used in Chinese official reports or by government officers to pass the buck.

Sam Geall, departmental lecturer in human geography of China at University of Oxford, and executive editor of China Dialogue, is discussing about severe environmental issues in China.

China News Daily is a pretty active Twitter account, basically gathering news from western online media such as Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, VOA, etc.

China SignPost provides analysis of China’s economic, political and security development with special interests in oil, grain, jet engines, ASBM and so on. It tweets about Chinese military occasionally.

SCMP belongs to The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s premiere English language newspaper. News produced in HK always has different angle from that in either China or US, and it is fairly interesting to make comparisons among them.

Other than these, I also followed a few Twitter accounts offered by news organizations, which are Xinhua News Agency, Caixin Media, Reuters China, and Financial Times Asia.


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