Lunar New Year Celebration at Franklin Park Zoo

2013 is the Chinese year of snake. Franklin Park Zoo held a Lunar New Year Celebration in the Tropical Forest’s Hippo Theater on Saturday, Jan 26. The celebration was hosted by Winchester School of Chinese Culture, including Erhu and Guzheng performances, as well as traditional Chinese dances and snake encounters.

I went to the celebration and tweeted about the performances. There were also people from both Boston Neighborhood Network and a newspaper in New York City covering the event with video cameras. I found it fast and convenient when using twitter to cover the celebration since you can live tweet about everything and add photos or videos. When traditional journalists have to take notes and photos, go back to the office, sit down and write the story, you may just enjoy the event and tweet about what you saw and heard in no time. I was surprised to see Zoo New England retweeted my tweets, which made me feel getting involved.

However, There are some negatives of covering a story via Twitter. In my scenario, there was no cell phone signal at the place where the celebration was held. As a result, I had to go out in the middle of the show to use my phone and then got back into the room when I wanted to live tweet about what happened, which could be very annoying. Also, you cannot tell a story fully by tweeting since there is 140 characters limit.


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