Snowman party after the blizzard

Click on image for more photos

Blizzard Nemo hit Northeast during the weekend, left Somerville 28 inches of snow. On Saturday, while the storm was still going on, Banditos Misteriosos organized a snowman-building party called “Snowmandito” at Seven Hills Park. Over 100 people joined the event and made about 30 snowmen.

The next day, I went to the park for the second part of the event – a snowman after-party, and took a couple of photos.

Many people went to the park to build their own snowmen since they could not make it because of the heavy storm on Saturday. Chris Deery and his son, Alex Deery are two of them.

“We didn’t make it yesterday because we spent all day shovelling, trying to get out of our house. But my son was so inspired, so we decided to come today,” said Chris Deery.

Some, however, just showed up to take photos, walk their dogs, and simply enjoy the sunny day after the blizzard.

Amy Davis and her daughter, along with a few friends, came to play with the snow, meanwhile selling girl scout cookies.

“We actually planned to sell the cookies yesterday in front of the stop&shop, but got cancelled because of the storm. We thought there should be lots of people coming for the snowmen today, so we brought the cookies with us here,” she said.


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