Over 16,000 dead pigs found in Shanghai, China

During the past three weeks, Shanghai residents have been living in fears of drinking polluted water.

It is reported by the Huffington Post last week that the number of dead pigs pulled from rivers that supply water to Shanghai has risen to more than 16,000. The rotting pigs were believed to be from the upstream city of Jiaxing in neighboring Zhejiang province:

Villagers have told state media that pig dumping is on the rise following police campaigns against the illicit trade of pork products harvested from diseased pigs that were illegally sold, instead of properly disposed of.

Officers said that the water quality was normal, however, to residents living in the neighborhood cities, the river was more like a giant “pork chop soup.” NBC News reported that water in Huangpu River may already has been polluted:

Reports that many of the pigs found have tested positive for porcine circovirus, a virus that has killed large numbers of pigs in the region in recent months, has also raised suspicions about the safety of Shanghai’s water supply.

According to Bloomberg, dead pigs started to appear on the riverbanks of Huangpu River on March 4. City authorities stepped in to cover up the crisis, said South China Morning Post.

CNN’s report on the thousands of dead pigs found floating in a Shanghai river:


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