Shanghai student dies from suspected poisoning

Huang Yang, a 28-year-old postgraduate medical student at Fudan University in Shanghai, died from poisoning on Monday.

Huang fell ill after drinking from a water dispenser in his room at the college dormitory, said China Daily:

Suspecting foul play, police tested the water and found a toxic compound. Authorities did not elaborate, but media reports say the substance was N-Nitrosodimethylamine, which can cause liver damage.

There has been speculation online that Huang was poisoned by his roommate, Lin, due to jealousy over his good performance in a recent PhD admission test. Spokesman of Fudan University denied the speculation, and the police are still looking for related evidence.

According to the International Business Times, Huang’s father said that Huang actually thought the water from the dispenser tasted weird so that he changed the water and cleaned the machine to make sure his roommates wouldn’t have to drink questionable water:

“By last Friday, Huang Yang was swollen all over, practically unrecognizable,” according to a Weibo account by one of Huang’s friends. “The air coming out of his ventilator was bloody. His roommate poisoned the water dispenser in their room, which caused Huang to suffer from acute kidney failure and pulmonary emphysema in just a few days.”

* similar case*

This is not the first time that poisonings happen at top Chinese universities. Back to 1995, Zhu Ling, a undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, was known as the victim of thallium poisoning. Her life was saved, but she was almost completely blind with permanent paralysis and severe neurological damage.

The case drew great attention of Chinese media. After investigations, the police found Zhu’s roommate, Sun Wei, to be the only suspect. However, because of lack of evidence and Sun’s strong family background, the case has been remaining unsolved during the past 18 years.

China Daily reported the case again in 2006, 10 years after it happened.


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